About Us

About the company behind the HTML2PDF API service


This website was started as HTM2PDF in 2008 and was one of the earliest HTML to PDF conversion services on the internet.

It always had a free conversion service on the homepage, but also a paid API service for business use. Millions and millions of PDFs have been created since the start.

Over the last 8 years HTM2PDF has become HTML2PDF and has been integrated into a larger portfolio of PDF creation sites, consisting of:

  • PDFmyURL - a leading webpage and website to PDF conversion service
  • HTMLaPDF - a free Spanish webpage to PDF conversion service
  • PDFmyForm - a website that creates PDFs from web forms

Together these sites create millions of documents per month and serve thousands of customers. Rest assured that we can handle the most demanding requests pertaining to PDF documents.

If you have specific questions for us - get in touch!


Operated by Kaiomi


HTML2PDF is owned and operated by Kaiomi.

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