Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about the HTML2PDF API service


What does your site do?
HTML2PDF is a professional HTML2PDF API service. We create PDF documents from web pages (also known as URLs) or from HTML.
What kind of things can I do with it?
A lot of people use it to create a PDF from a URL directly, so they can use the PDF for offline reading, archiving etc.
Here's a short list of what our service can do:

  • Create professional PDF documents from a web page or pure HTML, such as invoices, tickets, brochures, e-books and more
  • Let visitors of your website save any webpage as PDF with a single click
  • Create PDFs of your webpages with slight modifications or different layouts
  • Add additional non-web functionality to your converted PDF, such as watermarking, encryption and/or a full page background
Is your API service free?
Our HTML2PDF API service is not free, although we have a free trial. We don't believe in free internet products, because you know what they say: if it's free then YOU are the product. Our bills need to be paid unfortunately.
However, we feel that we offer favorable pricing for the quality and service that we offer.
Please review our competitive pricing plans if you want to get the most out of our service.
What are some of the features of your service?
Here's a short list of features of our web page / HTML 2 PDF conversion service:

  • Converts full HTML and JavaScript, including HTML5 and the latest CSS (yes also CSS3) support
  • Supports all major character sets, such as Arabic, Asian, Cyrillic etc
  • Full control over PDF page dimensions, margins, orientation, header and footer etc.
  • Support for page breaking and print layout
  • Control over which sections of a webpage you want to convert or not convert
  • Watermarking and stamping of images or texts
  • Full page background aka stationary functionality
  • PDF rights management such as encryption, print protection and copy protection
Where are your servers located?
Our servers for regular clients are located in the UK. For enterprise clients we can currently setup servers in either the USA (various locations), Australia, Japan, Singapore, Germany or the United Kingdom.
Does your service have any limitiations?
Yes, unfortunately - like anything in life - our service can not do everything. Here are some of these limitations:

  • The page must be on URLs that we can access or you should send us HTML
  • We can not convert web pages with Flash
  • We do not convert pages that take longer than 60 seconds to complete. This limitation is for everyone, except for clients on a private server.

Also, you have to abide by the terms and conditions of our service.